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The Science of Gratitude

3 Ways to Practice Today

Gratitude and happiness no doubt go hand in hand. More gratitude equals higher contentment with your own life, leaving you more fulfilled at the end of each day. But, it's difficult to know where to start when it comes to showing gratitude each and every day. So, let's dive into three simple ways to start today.

Handwritten Notes

Ever received a personal, handwritten note? And, remember the feeling you got when you excitedly opened the envelope to see who was thinking about you? Pass this feeling forward and not only brighten someone else's day but your own as well!

Random Acts of Kindness

Make today about paying it forward; buy coffee for a friend, compliment a stranger in the checkout line, even look for opportunities to fill a need. You may never know but these simple gestures may mean the world to someone and be just what they needed.

Gratitude Journal

It's tempting to grab our phones first thing in the morning but imagine the impact it would have on your day to begin by keeping a gratitude journal. Each morning before your feet hit the floor, grab your pen and start your day with a focus of generosity by writing three things you're grateful for today. Big, small, doesn't matter. Bring this feeling to the forefront of your mind and run with it throughout the day.

Mental Health Awareness Month: How Does Gratitude Keep You Well?

Gratitude becomes a habit when practiced and consistency is key. So, what's the best way to practice gratitude today? Get outside and soak in the sunshine! Be grateful that the bitter winter winds have given way to blue skies and warm breezes. Take advantage, breathe it all in, and be thankful for this time of peace and rebirth.

"The grass isn't greener on the other side; it's greenest where you water it."


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